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Alchemical Untaming for Erotic Souls

Imagine this: You and I sit down {virtually or in a decadently chosen, Spiritual Landing Place somewhere on Planet Earth} to jam out on the unique + potent elixir of Movement, Soul Medicine, and Messaging that will titillate and seduce the senses {and souls} of your tribe.

You leave feeling like you have just had a homecoming of Essence, Wild, and Womanhood.

Let's make magic, Wild One.



There are 5 Wild Ways that will thread through all of the work we Actualize and {Re}Source together…



We carry around old wounding, the kind that is born of pain and trembling and sorrow and shame.

We wonder why we are frightened by our own Light. Why we fear our own greatness.

We find ourselves running from demons who only remain in our imagine… but have taken up residence in our bones, sinew, and body’s temple.

Together, we begin to excavate the old wounds, to clear out the cobwebs around your creative expression and your womanhood.

We dive into the old stories, fears, desires, denied pleasure, and path that have been set behind and before you.

In the rubble, you will discover exquisite Clarity around your Message, intrinsic trust and freedom in your body’s Movement, and a succulent wildness with the Medicine of your soul.



We are at a crossroads, a place betwixt and between.

We are being called to a higher level of service, of creativity, of love.

We are being held to a new standard of living, one that requires us to come home. To our Truth. To our souls.

As we {Re}Wild into sacred Essence, we will transform that Essence into action, so that we can begin to create from that which we ARE.

And together, we will Essence humanity into a consciousness that raises the vibrational frequency of Mother Earth.

This is where you stop denying your Power and your Pleasure and Remember EXACTLY who you are… as a Woman, as a Creator, as a Lover, and as the Paradigm-Shifting Light Leader you came here to be.



We cannot stand in half of our Divinity and expect to shake up the world with our Message.

We cannot dip our toes in with the Wilds of our Womanhood and expect to drip desire and creativity and magnetism from our art and expression.

We must commit to Her, our body. We must devote to our Essence and to our Medicine.

We must believe in our path and walk it even when everyone else thinks we’ve lost our shit.

This is a new level of Embodiment, the likes of which you have never felt or seen or dared to explore before now.


Because deep down you knew that once you did, there was no going back. No more hiding. No more shrinking to make yourself fit in a worn-out relationship or business model or circle of friends.

You knew that this would mean no more take-backs, no more pretending you are anything other than God’s Infinite Love made flesh, that you are anything less than the entire Universe itself in motion.

Our alchemical toolbox will include a curated elixir of rituals, ancient yogic philosophy, a return to the feminine divine in and through our relationship to nature and moon cycles, intrinsic + liquid body movement practices, sensual pleasure practices, archetypal storytelling that will MOVE your tribe into action, and more.

Get ready for the kind of Clarity, Commitment, and Consistency that blows your Soul Wide Open.



Who are you Expressing as in this world? In your relationships? With your message? With how you care for your temple {AKA your body and home for the Divine here on Earth}?

It can be easy to keep studying ancient texts and hiring mentors and reading a million books and going to retreats in dusty desert lands and to then take those experiences and PRETEND that we are preparing to lead…

When in fact, we are preparing to just do more learning. And doubting. And hesitating. And mucking around with our soul’s sacred Truth.

But if you are here to lead, which you must be if you are here in space with this Message, thenyou must begin Leading at the level you soul is calling you towards.

Not someday, not after you’ve signed the major book deal, not after Oprah calls… Now.

This is about walking your path, emanating the Embodied Presence of Light Leadership.

With the Essence of Desireand the voice of God riding your very bones.

Together, we will ideate and hone the exquisite longing and delicious details of your most potent freedom and expression.

We will coax the Stories of Your Soul out into the world through the Medicine of Your Body and Art.

We will cultivate a Presence so powerful, so daring, so unapologetic, that everyone you meet will know who you are and what you stand for as a Woman and as a Creator.

We’re talking from the way you write, to the way you dance, to the way you show up on stage, to the way you make love…

This is Essence Embodied.

This is your Return to the Wild.



You are not here to play along with the status quo. You are here to disrupt paradigms and blaze your own trail of consciousness, Light, and Love.

You have been tasked with a sometimes seemingly-insurmountable path:

The Path of the Light Leader.

You are the Mystic. The Maverick. The Wanderlusting Explorer. The Soul Medicine Woman. The Alchemical Elixir of Life Itself.

And it’s time for your people to find you.

It’s time for you to lead your movement and share what you have spent all these years learning {and re-learning… and re-learning}.

All that trial and error? It led you to this moment.

It led you to this Message.

YOU are now being called to Embolden those you are here to serve, to wake them up, to shift their understanding of who they think they are and what they believe is capable for THEM.

Because you’ve done the work. You’ve walked the miles. And now, my Darling, you must become the Bridge.

You will guide them to their own freedom and desires and Truth.

You will guide them home.

And I’m here to take a stand for YOUR Untaming and keep the light burning for YOUR ever-evolving homecoming.



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“I was excited to work with Nikka when the opportunity came my way! I was looking for support that would ignite my creative solutions for igniting growth for my business and I needed momentum FAST. I decided she was a perfect fit for me because of her crazy ability to motivate me in as little as a 5 minute conversation. Nikka is such a fearless force of change and just what I need during this crucial phase of my business growth. After just one session I could not believe the amount of new exposure I received, clarity around my nemesis called social media (ick), and my new found ability to manifest the results I was seeking quicker than ever before..”

Jennifer Nesbit Holt | Creative Director


“Since working together I have allowed myself to open up and become raw in my meditation, visualization, energy clearing and journaling. I have a new love for myself and I allow myself to journey into the future with confidence. I now know I can face any resistance that comes my way.”

Iman Newsome | Birth Empowerment Expert, Doula, Photographer