Into the Wilds We Go


Below, you will find links to my free courses as well as signature programs and experiences.

I have created a Cosmic Compass of sorts, to help you navigate your way and customize your journey.

If we have not yet played together, I highly recommend that you begin with one of my free offerings to get a taste of what it’s like to dive into these alchemical {Re}Wilding Grounds with me.


Free Courses

Think of these as a strip tease, if you will. A little sumthin’, sumthin’ to see if you and I could move deliciously well together on this primordial dance floor.

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Multimedia Course

If you want to step into an even higher level of embodiment, leadership, and creative expression with the raw, intuitive work of your soul- by leveraging your sexual energy- begin with Scale Your Impact™ {SYI}.

This course is foreplay for Body of Work and Primal Provocateur™.


Video Training

If you are feeling called to access the Ancient Consciousness Code that Creative Visionaries like Nikola Tesla, Napoleon Hill, and Prince have used to execute on an insane amount of ideas while still having an abundance of energy left over for life, begin with How to Finish What You Start.

This course is foreplay for Body of Work and Primal Provocateur™.


Signature Programs & Experiences

For those of you who are being awakened almost every night with the call of the Wild thrumming in your bones and howling from your throat, Primal Provocateur™ and Body of Work are my signature {Re}Wilding Experiences.

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5-Day Jungle Soul Vision Quest

Primal Provocateur™ is an Idea Accelerator for Powerhouse Change Bringers that makes scaling your impact exquisitely intuitive so you can become the intoxicating obsession of your soulmate tribe and own the fuck out of any stage you walk on {or any room you walk into}.

This is an integrated, raw, full-bodied immersion that will re-encode your very foundation to help you attract, engage, and impact the people you are here to serve. You will learn how to use primal sexual energy to magnetize and intoxicate your audience, both on and off stage so that you become the ONLY option in the hearts and minds of the people you are here to serve.

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Sensory Upgrade for Creators

Body of Work is practical, sexual energy-based Nervous System Support to help you cultivate a “new” body that helps you continuously expand your capacity to do your greatest work in the world.

This is an alchemical reawakening of your body’s wisdom that will help you create content, art, and media messaging from your body and not your mind. You will understand how to use everyday sexual energy rituals to cultivate a living legacy of your soul’s work. This program serves as an appetizer for Primal Provocateur™.

Bespoke 1:1 Mentorship & Guidance

For when you’re ready to #GoddessTheFuckUp and unapologetically {Re}Wild the Medicine of Your Soul. On stage, on page… and between the sheets.



earthy sex magic, say hello to my little friend: tantric identity strategy

AKA if the ancient truth-speaking and wisdom of your pussy had a baby with an orgasmically-streamlined Creative Brand Strategy for the business of your soul…

While you learned how to consistently implement archetypal-based storytelling that positioned you as the ONLY person your people think of when it comes to what you do…


breathe. move. create.™