Breathe. Move. Create.™

because the muse shows up when the body becomes fertile ground.


We are the Wild Ones.

The Mystics, Mavericks, & Medicine Womxn who Howl at the Moon…

And we are the Ones we have been waiting for.

There has been an unrest… a disturbance in the force, if you will.

And this unrest is calling forth the Creators who are no longer willing to offer up art that is anything less than the raw, Wild Magic of our souls.

There is a gnawing… an aching in our marrow… that is demanding a return of Body-Based Storytelling and Primal Power, like that of the Ones Who Walked Before…

And it requires us to excavate the fullest Erotic Embodiment of our Untamed Self.

We are birthing a new breed of artist and healer.

A breed who walks between Heaven & Earth… A breed who calls down Cosmic Sexual Energy into everything she touches… A breed who knows the liberation of one means nothing without the liberation of all.

This is a {Re}Wilding of Womxnhood… And a Call to Arms.

For the Womxn Who Once Were Wild… and Will be Again.


Take the Red Pill…


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breathe. move. create.™

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